Race cars


Race cars

It is our policy that to fully utilize a car's potential the most cutting-edge technology available should be used from bumper to bumper. Here at TMC we know technology never stops evolving and so neither do we as we continue developing and move into the future.

【 Evolving But Unchanging 】

At TMC we believe it necessary to maintain an unchanging policy in order to keep evolving.


Race cars

We call our unchanging policy [QPASS].

・Q is for Quality.  (High quality and stylish appearance.)
・P is for Price.  (Products at a reasonable price.)
・A is for Aftercare. (Quality assurance and aftercare.)
・S is for Sense.   (To design and create products that customers need and want.)
・S is for Speed.   (To constantly develop technology and stay ahead of competitors.)

To us these things are of utmost importance in providing our customers with high-quality products that they can trust. Also, the letter of "QPASS", our unchanging policy contains another theme "PASS" which means "OVERCOME". We believe we should always strive to improve and develop so that we can provide the customer with the best possible products.

With the New Century having begun we hope not only to be a company that develops, manufactures and sells high-quality car parts but also to be a company that can make a contribution to society. With a global outlook and a focus on maintaining harmony between society and environment, we will manufacture our products responsible for the next generation of cars. As the 21st century continues we at TMC are moving forward and evolving together with the auto industry. We hope this Website will allow you to understand our policy and the products we have available.