Privacy policy

This “Privacy policy” provides the basic guidelines regarding personal information that TMC CO., LTD. collects and uses. TMC CO., LTD. handles the personal information based on the following policies. TMC CO., LTD. is well aware of its social responsibility for and committed to protecting personal data and information. We make strong efforts to observe this policy and other laws associated with privacy.

Basic policy

  • ・TMC CO., LTD. shall manage and protect the personal information properly implementing a variety of security measures against illegal access, loss, destruction, leakage and falsification.
  • ・TMC CO., LTD. shall observe laws and regulations associated with personal information.
  • ・TMC CO., LTD. shall continually improve the system of personal information management.

Purpose of use

TMC CO., LTD. shall use the personal information within following ways except for the case we get prior consent or admission as an exception to laws and regulations of personal information.

  • ・Information on the new products and services.
  • ・Employment (including adoption) and personnel management.

If we are in need for personal information excluding the above, we shall take personal consent in advance except for getting prior consent or admission as an exception to laws and regulations of personal information.

Disclosure to a third party

TMC CO., LTD. shall not disclose or provide the personal information to any third party except for cases falling under any of the following.

  • ・Case we get prior consent of the person.
  • ・Case which is needed to protect property and human life, but being in difficulty for the person’s consent.
  • ・Case which is requested based on the related laws.

Use of information

TMC CO., LTD. shall release the personal information within the limits of no obstruction to the proper accomplishment of our business if the person himself offers disclosure of personal information. In that case, we shall do identity verification by a certain method. If there is a different content in the personal information released himself, we shall immediately amend it. If the person offers to stop being used the information, we shall immediately stop.

Security of the site

TMC CO., LTD. shall manage the personal information very carefully, however it is difficult to assure the confidentiality of information completely. Please use our Website and E-mail taking this into consideration.


We will change this policy without an advance announcement, if laws, regulations and business policy of our company are changed.