Best*i Active / Basic*i Active



New coilover series that can be used with AVS system equipped on some models of Lexus and Toyota cars is released. AVS system does not function on current aftermarket shocks and coilovers. But the i*SHOCK Active series retains factory controls. Now the factory actuator can be used on an aftermarket coilover so the dampening and control systems still function. Damper force non-adjustable model "RS*R Basic*i Active" and damper-force adjustable model "RS*R Best*i Active" are now on sale.

■Promotional video

■Factory actuator can be used so AVS system function.

Factory actuator can be installed properly with the stay attached.

(The actuator in the photo is not included in our Active shock kits.)

■Driving mode switch also can be used.

Damper characteristics can be changed by factory interior switch.

(The interior switch in the photo is not included in our Active shock kits.)


This product can be overhauled as all parts are purely made in Japan and assembled in our own factory. We would like you to use it at the best ride feeling for a long time.

■Suspension for coilover



 ・Damping force adjustment(the Best*i Active only) 

Damper force adjustment of the Best*i Active can be adjusted by the dial at the bottom of the shock. (Damper force of the Basic*i Active cannot be adjusted. Dial doesn't come with it.)

 ・Mono-tube internal piston

The mono-tube piston relieves discomfort from push up due to its unique design. The steel body has an internal diameter of 40φ which is utilized for increasing oil capacity and improving heat dissipation. (Strut type vehicles have an internal diameter of 46φ)

 ・Full-length adjustable

The Best*i uses the same concept as the Super*i and has an adjustable lower mounting bracket. This gives the driver the freedom to lower the ride height without sacrificing ride comfort or steering response (as adjusting the lower spring seat can). By shortening the length of the coilover without affecting the spring rate, the piston stroke can be maintained giving the maximum ride comfort. The bracket can quickly and easily be adjusted by the driver.


As a result of carrying out various heat resistance tests, we have been able to develop our own original oil which is highly heat resistant and able to generate a stable damping force in any temperature.

 ・The Ti2000 spring

The Best*i uses TMC's best selling coil spring 'Ti2000' which is an extremely lightweight and durable spring. The Ti2000 comes with 3 different spring rates allowing you to choose the ride that suits you when you order. (If you don't choose the recommended rate the ride height may differ from that listed in the catalog).

 ・Upper mount

The Best*i coilover kit uses the combination of an aluminum upper plate and a rubber bush upper mount. The pillow ball upper mount gives quicker steering response and sharper cornering whereas the rubber bush upper mount gives a more comfortable and quieter ride. The Best*i also utilizes a rubber mount with ball bearings for strut type vehicles to improve steering response.